Half-Life: Alyx – Little Easter Egg

There’s a secret place and it’s kind of hard to get there. It’s fun that they put something in there. Kind of a silly easter egg.

All in One

In chapter 10 you must get to open the path over the wooden bridge. Then, you must go down by the left opening. As seen in the image.

Then you will have to temove wood, pass through a barnacle and get upstairs.

Once in the upstairs room, there is a vent with resin inside you can open by grabbing it. The one shown in the image.

You can’t get through the vent with any kind of locomotion, but you can acuatlly crawl inside if you have enough space in your room.

  • Get to a corner of your room
  • Go virtually (joystick/teleport) to the nearest point to the vent.
  • Get down and crawl physically inside.

You will find something to the left.

It’s not something awesome but it’s great they designed something there for the ones that get there.


If you want to know what is inside the vent… a headcrab waiting to eat your head. Fun, because you go with your head first.

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