Halls of Torment – Unlimited Power!

How to Gain Unlimited Power!

Stuff You Will Need For You Power!

  • Character: Any (Speed / Defence is good) but it’s just for fun
  • Blessing: Chance of effect (maxed out) you want
  • Lightning Ring: 15% chance on electrify
  • Thunder Crown: More power!

Best Trait: Lightning Affinity & you also get a +15% Crit Chance on everything, yes EVERYTHING witch also stacks with your Crit Chance V (25%) + Crit Ring 10%

Abilities: Kugelblitz or just Blitz for short + a magic attack “Garlic” (Radiant Aura) with it’s magic debuff power up (2 hits on half way through the charge & the other on full charge)

Note: Lightning Strike is ok but no where near Blitz, with at least the Chain Lightning buff or all if you have Homing

Now for Unlimited Power!

Follow Dem Blue Balls With Your Garlic!

Even More Power…. Wut?

Who needs gloves with attack speed & multi hit.

Use as a combo build with unlimited power build

  • Character: Any the does Physical Damage!
  • Blessing: same
  • Items: Ring of Fire + Sparking Tips
  • Traits: Fire Affinity
  • Abilities: Dragons Breath

Now you can be Beavis with Unlimited Power!

Beavis & ButtHead, & all shall burn with fire, even more fire & fire on fire!

How To Be A Starcraft Firebat God Or Have More Stonks!

Character: Exterminator

Items: Rings have to be Fire & Lightning, Head can be Thunder Crown or Wind, Gloves can be speed

Blessings: All or any you have.

Traits: Fire & Lightning is a must with damage & also the Exterminator can crit but the crit damage is very low.

Abilities: Garlic with magic damage upgrade & Blitz maxed out.

Now Run, Burn & Electrify them & watch the STONKS go up & then die to “insert inflation joke here”

Created by Razer

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