Halo 2 – LASO Tips!

Some tips for those of you braving the Halo 2 LASO difficulty.


Unlike other Halo LASO’s, you MUST get the melee kill in Halo 2 in order to regain shield. To compensate, it is possible to gain overshield by melee killing an enemy while you are at full health. Take advantage of this by leaving as many grunts alive as possible so you can melee them and get your health back

Also note that most melee attacks will spin enemies around due to the Feather skull. This means that as long as you can get into melee range, you can reliably kill almost any enemy in just a few swings.


The Anger skull is dangerous, but it does lead enemies to frequently overheat their weaponry, leaving them vulnerable for an assault. Use your teammates to watch the enemy and determine their firing pattern, at which point you can make a move.

The Plasma Pistol Strategy

It is possible to break an elite’s shields by hitting them with two plasma pistol charge shots at once. This can be achieved via dual weilding and followed up with a headshot from your teammate. Note that your pistol shots will only track their targets if the target’s cloak is broken, so put a few potshots into them beforehand to break the cloak.

Watch a video of me and my friend beating the first level if you want to see any of these tips demonstrated:

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