Halo 3 – Acrophobia Skull Guide (Quick and Easy)

How to get the new Acrophobia skull for Halo 3 in a quick and easy method.

How to Get It

  • Start the mission Crow’s Nest on Rally Point Charlie.
  • Fight until you get to the command center room with the bomb.
  • Kill the brute at the end of the room and grab his fuel rod cannon.
  • Set off the bomb and fight until you get to a corridor where Cortana stops you to talk at you for a bit. Make sure you get the checkpoint there.
  • Keep going until you reach the big tunnel where you can see grunts and drones running away.
  • Use the fuel rod cannon to take out the big group of drones.
  • Revert to the last checkpoint and repeat.

This method let me get the skull in about 15 minutes while also getting progress for other challenges like Plasma Master, which requires getting kills with plasma guns, or the one for killing infantry level enemies.

Created by crunk bunny

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