Halo Infinite – Performance Boost for GPUs Below Minimum Spec

This guide will bypass imaginary resolution limit for rendering scale. It is recommended for people who really struggle to achieve playable frame-rates, like Ryzen iGP users etc.

First Things First

If you did not removed high texture pack from DLCs, do it.

There is also SpecControlSettings.json, but I will skip this file since I did not tested it (resolution scale will not go under imaginary limit, even if it is edited here). I think it is possible to disable ambient occlusion but, I am not 100% at this moment and it is already too late tonight for me to check it.

Nevertheless, file with stored settings is located in:

or use this to get into folder faster

Just search in there for ao and change value, should look something like this after edit:

“spec_control_ao”: {
“version”: 0,
“value”: “Off”

Off will make in-game settings to show it as medium.

Disabling shadows did not worked either, did not tested the rest.

Breaking Imaginary Minimum Render Resolution

This is actually very simple trick and it boosted my fps on 3200G from low 30’s into 50-60 range while still looking decently sharp (in-game sharpening at 100%).

Reason why I would avoid editing that json file is simple. Every time you make any change in settings, that file will be updated and it will load medium settings. leave json for the end if you need extra performance. This is important because the trick we will use for this also suffers from changes.


  • Set everything in-game as it should be with border-less/launch the game.
  • Go into windows display options.
  • Lower resolution.

Because that json settings file does not get updated when windows resolution is changed while game is running, we can bypass that imaginary minimum rendering resolution. Keep in mind that 768p will cut off small part on bottom of the screen (not sure about upper part) I personally use custom res 1440*810 to avoid that issue.

I am not sure if render scale is locked to 71% or it really depends on resolution. If it is render resolution dependent, at least NVIDIA and AMD users (don’t know if Intel has feature) can probably use upscaling from drivers and set above native resolution before launching/configuring the game to get lower percentage.

Is It Worth the Annoyance?!

If you find game unplayable without it, then yes.

The best solution would be patch that allows us to do it with render scale.

The only other solution is new GPU or not playing the game, and as of time of writing this, I don’t see myself paying extra for buying GPU at current prices.

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