Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Cutter Crash Course / Need to Know Info

This is just the basic need-to-know info that the tutorial doesn’t cover, plus a few that aren’t covered elsewhere.

Basic Tips

  • Right-click reels in the grapple when you have an item attached.
  • Using the burst-push (“F”) imparts motion to whatever you’re looking at, but it imparts even more if that object is currently grappled.
  • Using the above, be careful not to use burst against something too large for your grapple, or it will launch you instead of the object.
  • Prioritize learning ship layout, it will make things easier as you progress.
  • The furnace has a stronger pull than the processor, take care when moving items from the rear of the ship.
  • You can cut through more than you might think, when in doubt try it out.
  • Exercise care when making multiple cuts through panels with delicate equipment on the other side
  • Pieces can be held in place by certain items: for example, a fuel tank or heat sink may lock a hull segment in place. If you’ve cut all the cut points, but cannot get a segment to release, check that there’s no “removable” item attached to it or next to it.
  • You don’t *need* to complete all work order items, and there’s no penalty for not doing so
  • The number of days on a ship in the ship catalog is *not* how many days you get to work on it, it’s how many more days that ship will be available in the catalog.
  • Even though the game says “penalty applied” when you put an item into the wrong thing, as far as I can tell there’s no penalty. You just lose out on whatever the value of that was. Suffice to say, if you’re tossing 800kg of nanoplating into the processor and there happens to be a 100kg aluminum beam meant for the furnace still attached, it’s not a big deal
  • Time is money, time spent removing small lights or dealing with food/junk items is probably better spent doing more profitable things.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to change scanner view mode:
  • Object: great for identifying specific control panels, also great for finding data disks, keys, repair packs, health, oxygen, and fuel refills.
  • Stuctural: helps you figure out how the skeleton of the ship is laid out, also helps to identify how panels are connected to each other
  • System: good for figuring out fuel, cryo, and electric layouts
  • You’re a billion in the hole, there’s plenty of room for mistakes… but it costs you nearly half a million a day just to start a shift… sometimes it makes more sense to grab a new ship
  • Oh, and fuses are bugged. If you grab them from anywhere other than the circuit breaker they spawned in, you’ll be launched toward that circuit breaker.
Created by imPyre

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