Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Treasure Trunks, Wizarding Challenges and Mysteries

As well as the potion brewing and spell-slinging, there’s a mammoth collect-a-thon at the heart of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. There are loads of Foundables to discover and Confoundables to defeat, but regardless of how you get them, they all go in the Registry.

While the main exploration Registry is split up into categories like Care of Magical Creatures, the Dark Arts, and the Ministry of Magic, there are whole different types of things to collect too.

These include special challenges and lore which expands Wizard Unite’s story.

Exploration Registry Ranks Treasure Trunks

The most common Foundables that you’ll come across go in the main Exploration part of the Registry, and show up as stickers once you’ve trapped their Trace enough times.

Once you gather enough XP – which you gain every time you complete encounters of a particular type, not just when you stick a new Foundable into your book – you’ll go up a Registry Rank and receive a corresponding Treasure Trunk.

These Trunks contain Runes which you can sacrifice at Fortresses to get loot from the same family as the Runestone.

For example if you gain a Registry Rank in Dark Arts, you’ll get a Dark Arts Treasure Trunk, which contains Scrolls – that upgrade your Profession – and a Dark Arts Rune.

You can then use that Rune at a Fortress to get Dark Arts rewards.

Wizarding Challenges

Those Dark Arts rewards we mentioned earlier? They show up in your Wizarding Challenges section of the Registry.

That’s right – to get items in the Challenges section of the Registry, you need to complete Fortresses.

Which Challenges object you get changes based on your player level, the type of Rune you use, and how high the number inscribed on it is.

Wizards Unite Calamity Mysteries

As you collect Foundables, sometimes you’ll receive an extra object: a Mystery.

When stuck into your Registry, these trigger a pop-up of lore that shed some light on the game’s overarching story, helping the characters to work out what’s really going on.

When you see that an extra item has appeared on your rewards screen, be sure to head into the Mysteries menu and check it out. There are three chapters to collect.


Finally, the Events section houses special Foundables that are available outside of the main Registry list. Currently it’s the “Brilliant Event” featuring “Fantastic Flora and Fauna” (if only it said where to find them).

If you’re trying to track down all of these Foundables, then you’re going to need Spell Energy – here’s where to get more.

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