Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Where to Get Spellbooks or Scrolls and How to Up Skill Stats

You’ll need to master all sorts of spells and skills in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but you’ll need to find Scrolls and Spellbooks first.

Once you’ve chosen your wizarding profession, you’ll unlock the use of Scrolls and Spellbooks. You can progress through various skill trees to unlock new spells and passive perks you can use in combat.

There are only a few ways to find these items in-game, so let’s take a look at what you need to do.

Where and How to Get Scrolls and Spellbooks

You can earn Scrolls from the chests you unlocked after completing Traces and finding Foundables in your Registry. Scrolls are more common that Spell Books, however, which you can only find in chests after completing Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses.

Competing in these co-op Fortresses is the best way to advance your wizarding abilities, so round up a few friends and tackle them together. It’s a good idea to take a decent amount of Potions with you to help with healing and the like.

You can also pick up Scrolls by completing Daily Challenges, so keep an eye on that tab.

Skill Trees

Each profession has its own skill tree you can upgrade. Using a Scroll will help you upgrade one Lesson and you can choose from any of them to help shape your character to fit your needs. If you already have decent offensive stats but poor stamina, it makes more sense to unlock skills relating to stamina.

Lessons at the top of the tree are cheaper, so take advantage of them early on. Spellbooks are usually for the latter skills in any Lesson or for Important Lessons, so don’t worry if you’ve gathered a bunch of them you haven’t used yet.

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