Heads Will Roll – Help with Sheriff

Sheriff Tips (How to Defeat)

There is an easy way to defeat every enemy but you have to sacrifice respect from soldiers. You just have to start energy war and start a cycle.

  1. Always have full stam.
  2. Always have low fatigue level, so you need to rest most time of your fight if he feints you.
  3. When he is at max fatigue level you can start pressing
  4. You can use some items like: knifes, poison and etc.
  5. Carry some items that can quickly restore you stam, stop blood loss or poisoning.

I don’t personally play much with swords but if i remember it right, they have skill that can awoid armor.

So the fight will be like:

  1. Wait till he became tired.
  2. Punch
  3. Punch more
  4. Same…
  5. Win

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