Hearthstone Mercenaries – How to Get Mercenary Coins

Mercenary Coin

The Mercenary coin (or coin) is an exclusive in-game currency for Mercenaries. Each mercenary has their own special coin that can be used to improve only their abilities and equipment, or it can be crafted and owned. Tirion Fordring Coin, for example, can only be used to improve Tirion Fordring’s abilities, equip Tirion Fordring, or craft Tirion Fordring.

How to Get

  • Completing bounties in Travel Point – Each bounty can give the player coins of mercenaries in their party or coin loots, which can contain coins of three mercenaries depending on the bounty they played.
  • Opening Mercenaries Packs – Each Mercenaries Pack contains coin drops, and each coin drop gives the player 35-45 coins of a mercenary.
  • Completing tasks in Campfire.
  • Winning or claiming end-of-season rewards in Fighting Pit.

How to Spend

Crafting a Mercenary

The amount of coins needed to craft a mercenary is dependent on their rarity. Once the player crafts a mercenary, the player keeps it forever and cannot be disenchanted.

  • Rare – 100
  • Epic – 300
  • Legendary – 500

Upgrading an Ability

The amount of coins needed to upgrade tier of an ability is dependent on their current tier.

Ability Tier / Coins to Upgrade

  • 2 – 50
  • 3 – 125
  • 4 – 150
  • 5 – 150

Upgrading an Equipment

The amount of coins needed to upgrade tier of an equipment is dependent on their current tier.

Equipment Tier / Coins to Upgrade

  • 2 – 100
  • 3 – 150
  • 4 – 175
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