Hearthstone Mercenaries – Minion Types

Minion Types

There are several different types of minion, which are often referred to as tribes or races, and are based on concepts from other collectible card games. The type of a minion has no direct effect on its behavior, but it does allow it to be affected by type-specific effects. Tundra Rhino, for example, while in play, gives all friendly Beast minions Charge, and Murloc Warleader gives all friendly Murlocs +2 attack. The majority of minions lack a type, but where one does exist, it is stated at the bottom of the card.

Silences cannot remove the minion type, but Transform effects can, because the minion is completely replaced.

The following minion types can be found in Hearthstone:

  • Beast – The most common specific type of minion, Beasts are capable of quickly forming a strong offense, and are favored by hunters (and to some extent, druids), with numerous synergistic effects providing strength in numbers.
  • Demon – Almost exclusively available to warlocks and demon hunters, summoning these powerful minions often comes at a price, with their undercosted stats offset by harmful abilities.
  • Dragon – Featuring more legendary cards than any other specific type, many Dragons come with powerful abilities. Dragon synergy mainly comes in the form of effects that require holding one in your hand.
  • Elemental – Introduced in Journey to Un’Goro, these minions depict elemental spirits who have attained raw physical form. Playing an elemental allows elemental synergy effects to activate on the next turn.
  • Mech – Introduced in Goblins vs Gnomes, they often reward the presence of another friendly Mech on the field with additional effects, be it through Battlecries or their specific Magnetic keyword.
  • Murloc – Typically a low-cost yet aggressive type, many Murlocs grow in power with each other friendly Murloc on the field, allowing them to quickly overwhelm an unprepared opponent.
  • Pirate – Favoring weapons and swashbuckling heroes ready to leap into the fray, many Pirate minions offer benefits based on the controlling hero’s weapon.
  • Quilboar – Introduced in Forged in the Barrens, these currently only exist for flavor. They were originally intended to exclusively appear in Battlegrounds, and were added to Constructed for consistency across the game. In Battlegrounds, they revolve around the use of Blood Gems, and empower themselves and allies with them.
  • Totem – Totems are available almost exclusively to the shaman class, with basic Totems summoned through the Totemic Call Hero Power, with several more powerful options that can be summoned directly; certain effects become stronger the more Totems the player controls.
  • All – Introduced in The Witchwood, this is the rarest minion type. These minions benefit from and are affected by every type effect in the game.
  • General – The majority of minions do not possess a specific type, but are considered general minions. These minions do not benefit from any specific type effects.
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