Hearts of Iron IV – How to Naval

Have too many hours and still don’t know how naval or air REALLY works? Well I’ve made this guide to dumb-down the steps to rule the waves!

Basics of Naval

Naval, it’d been a pain to understand, and with MTG it’s even harder. But the adamant among you will be wondering: What? What The Hell?

Basics of Naval

The ships, Cruisers, Destroyer, Submarines, Heavy Ships, and Carrier.

The ships are categorized into, Carrier (self explanatory), Capital Ships (Battleships, Battlecrusiers, and other “heavy” ships), Cruisers (Light and heavy), Destroyers (Ref: Carrier), and Submarines (Ref: Carrier).

How Do They Work? (So I Can Beat the English Fleet)

Kinda works off of a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Logic, Armoured ships need Heavy Piercing/Attack, and lightly Armoured ships require. Well, Light Attack/Piecing.

When large navies and numerous ships come into play, you need to remember:

  • Carriers need escorts, Spamming Capital ships wont do much either than having go the way of the Hochseeflotte.

Finer Details

When in naval combat, keep in mind smaller details.

  1. Good Detection allows faster decimation (to you or the AI).
  2. Keep a good balance in fleets.
  3. Speed is important. To retreat and engage.
  4. For the love of god stop spamming subs.
  5. Agents can help with location regions that the enemies’ fleet are stationed.
  6. Refitting isn’t worth it.
  7. Have many fleets that can do specific things (Home Defense, Convoy Reading).
  8. Admirals are important for specializing task-forces.
  9. Rule the wavez!
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