Hearts of Iron IV – Move to Secure the Dominions

This will just show you exactly what you need to successfully complete Move To Secure The Dominions and be able to keep them all.


This will simply make it easier to work out what you need to Keep the dominions under you if you decide to go Fascist or Communist as the UK and take the Move To Secure the Dominions focus. This is very useful for a One Empire run as you can complete the Imperial Federation, as once the Dominions are switched to Fascist they become Puppets, which is closer to Integrated puppets.

This Guide does not factor in using Colonial troops (Troops taken from the dominions), and only uses the standard Infantry Template. Colonial troops can be used to lower the amount divisions you need to make to secure the dominions. So the total Manpower needed is the manpower the UK would need to field all of the Divisions at once.

Each Province listed requires the number of manpower after the lists, the divisions after the Number is the total to fill each listed province using the standard British Infantry Division (9600 manpower per division)


Manitoba, saskatchewan, alberta, british columbia, new brunswick, nova scotia. 9600 (6 Divisions – 1 Each)
Saint Lawrence 28800 (3 Divisions)
Ontario 48000 (5 Divisons)
Total: 14 Divisions

South Africa

Cape 19200 (2 Divisions)
Natal, Transvaal 48000 (10 Divisions – 5 Each)
Total: 12 Divisions

India / British Raj

Peshawar, Sind, Punjab, Kashmir, Rajahsthan, Gujarat, Lucknow, Indore, Bombay, Jabalpur,
Hyderabad, Mysore, Madurai, Madras, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, East Bengal, Assam,
Arunachal Pradesh, Mandalay, Burma
 9600 (22 Divisons – 1 Each)
Delhi 96000 (10 Divisions)
Total: 32 Divisions


Western Australia 9600 (1 Division)
Queensland 19200 (2 Divisions)
Victoria 38400 (4 Divisions)
New South Wales 48000 (5 Divisions)
Total: 12 Divisions

New Zealand

South Island 9600 (1 Divison)
North Island 48000 (5 Divisions)
Total: 6 Divisions


Total Divisions Needed: 76
Total Manpower Needed: 729600
Total Political Power Needed (for all 3 Decisions on each nation): 625

Created by Joseph Joestar

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