Hell Let Loose – Easy Overachiever! Achievement

How to quickly and easily get the Overachiever! achievement.

Overachiever! Achievement Guide

  • Step One: Join a squad, do not make your own.
  • Step Two: Pick the Engineer class with the first loadout. If this is unavailable switch to another squad.
  • Step Three: Ask somebody to play Support (if there isn’t already somebody doing so) and to drop you supplies, works best at the opening of the match because by the time they need to drop them again for a Garrison it’ll usually be regenerated. Alternatively you can look around the map for supplies not being used by anybody, they often just get dropped in areas to build a Garrison and nothing else is done with them.
  • Step Four: Build any/all of your nodes (Munitions, Fuel, Manpower).
  • Step Five: Play the game out. If your nodes don’t get taken out early by the enemy, you should be the highest earning person in your squad. This achievement is only awarded at the end of match screen.
Created by KingKull2112

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