HELLDIVERS 2 – How to Kill Chargers Fast and Easily

How to Kill Chargers

Bottom Line Up Front: Strip the armor from one of their front legs, then shoot it with small arms to kill chargers fast.

The armor-less legs seem to be weakspots, because it takes just a bit of small arms fire (in my experience less than a full magazine from a breaker) to finish the job once a leg has been exposed.

This tactic works great because it can be done while a charger is facing you, no need to let it run past and worry about dodging and then hitting its rear.

To strip the armor, you need just one shot from an EAT or a Recoilless Rifle, or 2 shots from a railgun (overcharging not needed). You’ll note that the leg turns a greenish yellow when its no longer armored.

Switch to your primary, and blast that leg. The charger will soon learn the error of its fascist ways. Let your teammates know what you’re up to: “Left leg!”

I hope this helps you all as we create the TCS to build a better, more democratic tomorrow.

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  1. Good advice. It’s worth mentioning people are sleeping on the Expendable Anti-Tank (EAT) launcher. I actually find it more useful on higher difficulties. The cooldown is insanely short and will strip the armor off in one shot. In a pinch you can get two shots off in rapid succession without needing a teammate. If two Hell Divers take it you will always have some anti-tank available which becomes essential.

    Sometimes you can even kill them with the pod since the cool down is so short and you worry less about calling it at the wrong time.

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