HELLDIVERS – Best Anti-Armour Strategy [2 Man]

Blow up any armor every half seconds for 15 seconds with this 1 easy trick!

The Loadout

Perk (Optional)

  • Stratagem Priority – Quicker resupply cooldown


  • RL-112
  • Resupply Pack
  • 1 or 2 Resupply

The Strategy

  1. Find A Buddy

You need a gunner and a loader.

  1. You

Grab the RL-112 launcher (Do no take the support kit). Grab the Resupply Pack.

  1. Your Buddy

Grab the Support Kit for the RL-112

  1. Fire!
  2. Assisted Reload

Have your buddy press E while standing next to you. He should load you in in half a second.

  1. Grab Ammo on the move

Your buddy’s Support Kit only holds 6 shots. He can resupply from your Resupply Pack by pressing E by standing near you.

  1. Resupply your Resupply Pack

Call you your Resupply and grab them! Your pack can hold 4!

  1. Don’t get confused!

Don’t spam E whenever you see the prompt! You are wasting the Resupply Pack!

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