Helltaker – All the Achievements and the Strategy of the EX Level

It will showcase all 10 achievements and will include strategies for the mission’s EX.

How to Get the All-Points and the Exit Strategy

Complete accomplishment:

  1. Dommtaker: Checkpoint I, attack is available.
  2. Lifemaker: Level 4 begins by pressing L to enter the prompt and choosing 2 to “Kill yourself”.
  3. Heaventaker: Check out “I’m looking for an angel”in dialogue with “Angel of curiosity”Asazil at the Heaventaker checkpoint VI.
  4. Queentaker: Checkpoint VIII, in a conversation with Lucifer, the Queen of Hell, choose option 2 for the first time, “No, thank you. But you can join my Harem”, option 2, “I can offer coffee, turn-making strategies and chocolate pancakes. ”.
  5. Sintaker: Checkpoint IX, will be the “Supreme Prosecutor”final trial income Harem, will be available.
  6. Gatekeeper: Checkpoint IX, available upon arrival at the gates of hell. Kill.
  7. Pathmaker: Level IV, V, and VI all have a set of inscriptions. Find it and get it.
  8. Abysstalker: Levels IV, V, and VI all have inscriptions. FIND THEM ALL! Then stand in the middle of the Pentagram in level x room and type the following command: “Bottom up, top right, bottom left, top left, bottom left, top right, top left, top left, top right,”, to open the abyss, to achieve.
  9. Battletaker: Checkpoint EX is ready for.
  10. Puzzletaker: Cheat-free clearance EX can be.

Gateway EX Strategy




Not the only way.




Not the only way.




Not the only way.


  1. →→→→←←←←←←←←↑↑↑↓→→→→↑↑↑
  2. ←←←←→→→→→→→→↑↑↑↓↓↑ ←←↓←←←→←←←
  3. Because the clearance line is not unique and not easy to use the way to write out the route will not be sent first.

Since I ~ X has already been sent, I will not send it.

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