Help Will Come Tomorrow – Ending (Day 25: Night – Good and Bad)

This is good and bad ending (Day 25: Night) for Help Will Come Tomorrow.

Ending (Day 25: Night)

The Train is Coming

In the evening, the gale begins again and the frosty ice spikes circulate in the air. Creating a white wall impenetrable to the man’s sight. The purga covers animal passes, frozen streams, holes, fallen trees. It’s dangerous to walk in the woods now because the wanderer not only loses the orientation but also risks twisting or breaking his leg. After so many days of the blizzard, you have learned to recognize the sounds of the snowstorm! In this seemingly monotonous bang. You can finally catch all sorts of cracks. Whistles. Murmurs. And whirring. Each means something different- a dancing branch, a fallen tree. A turn of the wind. A snowcap falling – or one of the most deceptive phenomena: a temporary weakening of the wind. After which a sudden. Multiplied blast hits the light snow. Raises it and creates insane whirls in the air…

On the evening of the twenty-fifth day after the crash. You caught a new sound. It’s the whistle of a train coming!

The long whistle fell silent. You wait all tense to see what it means. It is impossible to say whether the noise came from the eastern or western tracks – you must wait for the next signal.

Then comes a low, prolonged rumble echoing throughout the valley. And another noise: the rumbling of broken railway decks, the squeak of jammed brakes. The terrible grinding of crushed metal… You know this cacophony. You heard it exactly thirty days ago, when the renegades derailed your train…

The train from Wierchnieudiynsk arrived, but the train driver did not see the wreck in time and did not manage to stop. The steam engine rammed in the remains of the second train and the cars crushed each other at the rear, pushed by enormous inertia.

It’s over. Hope is gone. So what if there may be new supplies, clothes or even shelter on the train? In this blizzard, you have no more strength to get there. No more fighting against the adversity of fate. You give up.

You let the fire go out and you close your eyes. Completely indifferent. Help can come even tomorrow. But it’s whole eternity too late. Siberia, let us to sleep!

Game is Over (Bad Ending)

You Survived! (Good Ending)

Help comes…

Note: I do not know why because I try to survive again and again and complete Help Will Come Tomorrow successfully but the day and story are changed!

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  1. I did it. On the night of the 25th, help arrived and 5 people boarded the train and finally showed that they were drinking wine. I tried to make warm clothes for everyone and store a lot of smoked meat and enough herbs and water, and I completed the camp, and most importantly, the mental state of the people was very good.

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