Help Will Come Tomorrow – How to Do Solid Small and Large Water Filter

How to do solid small and large water filter in the beginning of Help Will Come Tomorrow?

How to Do Solid Small Water Filter?

Unsnow Palisade.

  • Protection against wind, securing the area. Setting snares and collecting brushwood.

Remove snowbank

  • After removing this snowbank, we will be able to put a camp structure in its place.
  • Optional tool: using shovel gives the chance to regain the action point.

Use character and get some needles.

Do Solid Small Water Filter
  • The makeshift filter makes it possible to obtain drinking water from snow.
  • Unlocks the action: filter water. Optional tool: using an object from the tool

You need needles and rag to do solid small water filter.

And then you will get “survivalist”.

Do Solid Large Water Filter

Select Edward and actions/filter water:

It allows you to filter dirty water from snow. People are not gonna be so hungry if you update water.

After that you are, that is Edward, dependent:

  • Every day, when the character performs a given type of action first. They lose comfort and their morale drops.

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