Help Will Come Tomorrow – How to Heal Sick Characters and Stomach

This guide will help you on how to heal sick characters and treat stomach wound in Help Will Come Tomorrow.

How to Heal Sick Characters?

Sickness can disappear on its own the next day if the character wasn’t very cold and warmed up properly at night. (Unless he has a “Sickly” trait, then it can be harder to remove it just by warming up the character.) To a slight degree, Sick can also be reduced by eating garlic or drinking herbal tea.

The most effective solution is to make “Cold Balm” in Quarantine Point and give it to sick person. But you may need more than one if the character is sick for a long time.

How to Treat Stomach Wound?

All wounds can be healed with the “Wound Dressing” action in Quarantine. You have to build “Medical Tools” upgrade. But if it’s Bleeding, than it’s like Nitablade wrote, you can use Bandage.

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