Help Will Come Tomorrow – Passenger Mode Guide

This guide is about on how to make life easy in Siberia.

Guide for Passenger Mode

1 Day

To save AP, upgrade with 2 ppl. Use excess AP for filtering water.

Only make makeshift builds, no need to ever make solid ones.

Just remember to fix the structures from time to time.

Clear the snow with 1 person per structure.

Build only Campfire and Shelter, get a 10 % fire going.

After that try to get the second water filter upgrade done (Campfire upgrade).

With leftover AP try to upgrade Shelter as much as possible.

No need to feed.

2-4 Days

Before you can make food, feed only one of the uncooked items per person (eg. person can eat 1 mushroom + 1 moss + 1 root on same day).

Build a Workshop, upgrade to ‘Hardened Table’ so you can make Hatchet.

Make a hatchet, maybe a harpoon. This is all you ever need to kill animals.

Just go with 2 ppl to where the animal icon is and always try to sneak closer if possible and then always ‘Throw hatchet’. It’s a chance game.

Always skin the animals, upgrade the Workshop for that.

Get the Campfire and Shelter upgraded to max if possible. After that, Quarantine zone.

When you can make tea, feed it to ones that are cold before you have warm clothing.

For the Rest of Game

When you have clothing on all, you can keep 10% fire always, needed for cooking.

Just on days when there’s a enemy icon next to bar, lower it to 5% or 0%.

Burn mold and pinecones first, then bark.

Every other day, do a day when 4 ppl in pairs go to scavenge for whatever it is you need.

This is much more effective resource collecting.

Might be smart to do hunting trips like this too, with 4 ppl, always keep the hatchet with a group.

Build, make medicine, smoke meat on the other days.

Upgrade the Workshop to max, fix rifles/pistols you find.

Gather ammo/metal from the rails every day the enemy is not there, stay 1 hexagon away.

Try not to be an asshat when they ask you something during the night (keeps morale up).

If everything goes well all you ever have to do is collect fur, smoke meat and make antidote.

Wood is rarely an issue if you do the 4 ppl scavenging.

If I have nothing else to build/craft and reserves are high, I just ‘Fraternize’ and hunt when there’s animals.

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