Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Increase Intelligence and Toughness


For intelligence I suggest grinding the Confucius statue at the entrance of the Confucius sect for a few days. You get 50 intelligence xp every day which is quite a lot and it counts for the whole party. This way you can raise everyone’s intelligence to 10.

If you have the inkeeper with you and if she is bonded with your character you can just keep waiting a day in front of the statue without losing stamina.


As for Con… eating food is probably your best bet. You can also gain a megaton of constiution experience by courting the leader of Melody House (possibly more experience the higher your current stamina is).

She will do some uh… special exercises with your character in the pool area. Which is apparently great constitution training.

After the last session you will have to fight her inner demon though which might be tough depending on when you do the quest (she is fighting the demon with you and can tank it for quite some time – it’s not super difficult).

You must also already have done the ice prison quest or you won’t be able to trigger the pool quest after raising her disposition to 100. Since the ice prison quest is rather annoying and potentially tough it’s probably nothing you will do in the early game.

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