Hi-Fi RUSH – All Numbered Door Locations (Post-Game)

A quick guide on the numbered door locations and how to find them.

Locations of All Numbered Doors

Door #1

The first door is in Track 1, located right after the fight on the rooftop you get to with the jumppad.

In the area with the two Smidges, go underneath the billboard to the ledge by the cones.

You can find the door by dropping down to the floor below.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • Use your magnet pull to stay airborne between each enemy.

Door #2

The second door is located in Track 2 in area 9 where Peppermint shows you how to deal with the bot that has shields.

Immediately after the fight jump onto the red crate but don’t go further. Turn around and find the green pipes that lead to the door.

Double jump and dash to get on top of the pipes.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • Use your teammates after parrying to add more damage within the 12 beats of damage time you get on an enemy.
  • By using a teammate on the beat after a parry you can dish out much more damage.

Door #3

Door number 3 is located in Track 3 past the third test chamber.

You can reach the door by going past the door and over to the caution barricades.

Jump over the rocky platforms to reach the other side and you should see the door immediately to the right.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • You can only use parry counters meaning only your teammates can be used.
  • Avoid using Korsica because she doesn’t deal as much damage as Macaron or Peppermint.
  • Macaron’s parry counter is shorter than Peppermint’s, so using his clears the room faster.
  • Avoid running up to the gunner robots, because they’ll try to keep their distance from you making you lose time to be parrying.

Door #4

Door #4 is located in Track 4 in the first room of the AR labs route.

To get there you need to use Korsica to overheat the generator and make your way up the route within the time limit.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • Like the previous door, only your teammates can be used, however you have to dodge on hits like you would parries.
  • Avoid using Korsica. Macaron is recommended.
  • Timing is important, because if you mess up a counter and your teammates hit them like a normal summon then it’s game over on that current attempt.
  • If the two gunners attack at the same time, hold off on doing a dodge counter because the prompt won’t show up.
  • Watch 808’s two rings if you’re having trouble with the timing of the counter.

Door #5

Door #5 is found in Track 5 in the central DATA room underneath the first platform with the repairman robot you can talk to.

To get there, all you just need to do is make your way to the immediate right towards the shop terminal and hop down. Use the moving platforms to get to the door.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • This one’s a bit tricky at first but I recommend starting off with the Breakdown combo (X+Y+Y or LM+RM+RM) to collect batteries for your Reverb gauge.
  • Once you get two bars filled, you need to finish off the enemies using your teammates on the beat hit. Heavy hits can help but make sure it doesn’t outright kill the enemies before you can call in your teammate on a beat hit.

Door #6

Door #6 is located in Track 7, in Security Area 2.

Make your way up the steps but don’t go through the door on the left. Instead take the stairs on the right and it’ll be immediately in front of you.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • This one is easy. Just don’t use the movement stick/keys.
  • Magnet pulls and dodges are allowed.

Door #7

Door #7 is found in Track 8, after the exhibit where Peppermint comments on how Kale took the company by force.

After a series of magnet pulls to a ledge in front of a Z-Shielded wall, turn around and you’ll see a whole lot of pipes you can jump across.

At the end of the pipes is the door.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • Avoid getting hit by launching enemies up into the air and finishing them off that way.
  • Easy way to deal with the beginning two is to start by moving forward while calling in Macaron to knock down the two enemies and then calling in Korsica on the wheeled robot to break its stance to juggle it into the air/kill it. The rest should be easier from there.

Door #8

The 8th and final door is located in Track 10 at the atrium.

When you reach the atrium, instead of going left, take a right and you’ll see some gears on a ledge.

Jump on the ledges and you’ll see that there’s a second floor above where you were.

Navigate through the second floor until you see the chest and a stack of boxes. Past the boxes there’s a single gear on a small ledge. You can hop on that to get to the other side of the partition where the door is.

Tips for this door’s challenge:

  • Staying on the beat is very important for this challenge. I also highly recommend using the 808 Reverb skill if you have it. If not then its fine.
  • Always get knocked down for the parry mini-games. That’ll make the challenge easier.
  • For the first enemy, use Korsica to take care of its flames while using Peppermint to deal rapid damage to break stance.
  • For the second enemy, counter parry using Macaron to quickly knock off its armor. 808 can shred through this guy once the armor is off, if you have the Reverb skill.
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