HighFleet – Brief History of Gerat (Lore)

History of Gerat (Lore)

The Undoing

When did the Catastrophe take place? What was the world like before it? No reliable information exists. If you believe the Mualis of the Isi Tribe, it happened a hundred years ago. According to renowned chronicler Iliya of Salem, it must have occurred at least a thousand, if not two thousand years before our time. But they all agree on one thing: the great misfortune came from the skies. The Romani chroniclers teach that our ancestors shattered Kharu, the legendary moon that once shone down upon all of Elaat. The shards of Kharu crashed into the planet, leaving massive craters and an electromagnetic wave of terrible power. This wave washed across the world, searing away the minds of the old world’s machines and incinerating the knowledge that lay within them. But why would our ancestors do such a thing? The chroniclers offer a plethora of contradictory explanations, leaving us with no answer at all.

The Romani Empire

The present age and the modern calendar both began with the Dynasty’s founding 214 years ago. The heads of the Great Houses chose Duke Sayadi to become the first hereditary sovereign of the Romani people, thus entrusting him with the burden of both War and Fleet. In the two centuries of uninterrupted Sayadi rule that followed, the Romani Empire grew to become the mightiest nation in Elaat.

The Annexation of Gerat

36 years ago, King Elaou-Ali of Gerat swore allegiance to the Romani Emperor Kerim Shah II in order to secure an elusive victory in his war with the Khans. The Romani Fleet obliterated the Khans’ forces and brought peace to the land of Gerat after countless years of strife.

The Khiva Rebellion

Nearly three decades of peace in Gerat came to an abrupt end in the year An imperial official who had risen to the position of Lord Governor of Khiva suddenly deposed King Ali and rebelled against the Sayadi dynasty. As the Gathering of Great Houses joined the uprising, the Lord Governor declared that the Kingdom of Gerat was now the Кepublic.

The Gathering War

Internecine strife had festered between the Sayadi Dynasty and the Great Houses long before Khiva rose up against the Empire. The Imperial Army and Fleet were already bracing for a large-scale conflict, but no one could have imagined the peril the Empire would face. The Imperial Army was massively outnumbered by the combined ground forces of the Great Houses, suffering one defeat after another. Only the Fleet stood between the Gathering and the capital.

While the bulk of the rebel forces were embroiled in the struggle at the heart of the Romani Empire, the Fleet seized the opportunity to dispatch an expeditionary force, hoping to take Khiva by surprise. Their mission was urgent indeed — Khiva was rumored to have acquired a functioning nuclear reactor. As improbable as it seemed, the news struck fear in the hearts of Fleet High Command. Until now, there had been only two known working reactors in the entire world. If Khiva had somehow acquired a third reactor, the precarious balance of power in Elaat hung by a thread.

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