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Combat Controls

A reminder of your combat controls, and how to best utilize them:

  • W/A/S/D keys – Thrust up/left/down/right to move. Be careful of inertia and don’t get too close to the ground.
  • Hold Shift key – Engage afterburners for a burst of extra speed while held. Holding too long will cause an Overheat and shut your engines off for a period.
  • Mouse – Aim your weapons.
  • Left Mouse button – Fire primary weapon.
  • Right Mouse button – Fire auxiliary weapon (if available). Typically this would be a faster but weaker weapon good for taking out small, quick enemy scouts and incoming missiles.
  • Middle Mouse button – Hold to set a bomb arc, release to drop bomb (if available).
  • R key – Cycle Ammo Type between regular HE ammo and the Special Ammo you chose before the battle began (if any). Be warned that reloading will take some time!
  • [Only during your Aircraft Carrier attacks] R key – Command your airplanes to retreat.
  • Space key – Fire guided anti-ship missile (if available) at targeted enemy, with fire & forget thermal homing head.
  • C key – Fire air defense missile (if available), which will protect against incoming tactical missiles and small airplanes launched from an aircraft carrier.
  • F key – Pop decoy flares (if available) if an enemy missile is tracking you. The missile will veer towards the flares, but make sure you time it right (not too soon and not too late) and get out of the way yourself!
  • B key – Expend a Fire Suppression unit (if available) to put out a fire on your craft or cool your overheated engines.
  • X key – Launch airplane (if controlling aircraft carrier).
  • T key – Abandon ship to save your crew (if rescue modules are intact).

Controls Sheet

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