Hogwarts Legacy – AMD User Guide for Blurry Game Fix and Reduced Stuttering

AMD User Guide

I only ever see Nvidia guides and how to fix the stuttering and blurryness some experience but no one made something for AMD users, so here i am trying to help. I tested around since yesterday and found some things AMD users possibly could help. Also Disclaimer, this is what works for ME with MY set up, this perhaps doesnt work for you. Save ur current settings or make screenshots to what they where before fiddeling around.

First of all if you have a AMD card you should use AMD Adrenalin Software. I am sure most of you use it but if not download it and update ur graficards driver (which you should always keep up to date anyways regardless of AMD or Nvidia). When done go into ur Game and into the Display settings and DISABLE the Scaling option (6th option from the top) and switch Rendering Resolution to 100% and TAA to high. After that turn Vsync OFF. Save the Game and close it.

Now open AMD Adrenalin with ALT + R (This overlay also works Ingame like the Steam one) go to Home > select Hogwarts Legacy > adjust game grafik > Enable Radeon Image Sharpening to between 80 or 100 ( i use 100 but choose whatever you like best) > Enable Radeon Enchanced Sync. There are other option you might want to play with but thats what i use for now. The Sharpening alone makes my Game look worlds better. Before it was like a blurry softening filer was over the game. Especially terrible when looking at NPCs or urself.

I hope this helped some people in a way, try and play around with settings to find what works best for you and ur PC setup.

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