Hogwarts Legacy – Best Settings for Steam Deck

The best graphics settings for smooth gameplay on Steam Deck.

Steam Deck Settings Guide

SteamOS Settings

  • Leave all clock speeds automatic.
  • Refresh rate = 60.
  • Framerate = 60.
  • FSR On, Sharpness = 5.

Game Settings

Video Settings

  • Fullscreen Windowed (defaults to deck’s resolution).
  • VSYNC = Off.
  • FPS = 30.
  • Switch upscaling to AMD FSR 2.0, then Performance.

Graphics Settings

  • All on Low.


  • Motion Blur = On (I toggle this whenever playing at 30fps, looks smoother imo).

I’d advise against 40hz until a performance patch comes out, it crashed my deck and I had to reboot, doesn’t seem to play nice.

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