Hogwarts Legacy – Guide to Make the Game Run Better by Disabling SMT Always, or Temporary

How to Make the Game Run Better

Ive found out in the comments that someone said to improve the game’s performance by disabling SMT. So i grabbed the program that guy used, and indeed the fps goes up by quite much for me.

Here is how i did it.

  • 1: Grab Process Lasso from here and download the free version.
  • 2: Install it anywhere
  • 3: Run Hogwarts legacy and load into the world.
  • 4: Alt tab back out, and run Process Lasso.
  • 5: Scroll down in the list untill you find 2 exe names called hogwarts legacy.
  • 6: Right click each of them, and select set cpu affinity and click current, and then click disable SMT
  • 7: To have the game always run by disabling SMT, you can click always instead of current, but i find that the increasement is bigger when just click current everytime you run the game. Don’t ask me why, cause it might be just an illusion, but still. It might be that always works for you as well. But i keep using current.

For cards that dont have that much good capibilities of raytracing, like the 2060, 2070, and maybe even the 2080, just disable Ray tracing, cause it does bring something extra on the table, but it aint that much spectacular.

For that we might better wait untill the day 1 patch and see if that helps.

But with disabling of SMT my overall fps gone up by quite a bit for now. So for the one that specified this in another topic (forgot your name, sorry) thank you very much.

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