Hogwarts Legacy – How to Open Level 1 Locks

You have to advance in the story to get the Alohomora spell.

Once obtained, we will be able to open level one locks, later we will be able to open level 2 locks, etc.

How to Unblock

It is really simple, but there are many people who do not know how to solve the puzzle because the game does not explain very well how to do it.

We have 2 color chips:

  • One Green (The Outer One)
  • One Red (The Inner One)

Put the green spark in the green circle and turn until this mechanism rolls the two gears on the right.

While holding down the green spark to keep it rolling, it’s your turn to move the red spark, this time direct it to the middle wheel (red wheel) and move it slowly until the gears in the middle turn.

Once this is done, wait a couple of seconds, and the door will open.

Created by menTaz

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