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The fighting system in Hogwarts Legacy largely utilizes magical assaults against foes or the usage of devices that will deflect blows directed at you. You can learn all there is to know about the many spells you will be able to use in the game, including their names and functions, on this page.

A list of each spell in Hogwarts Legacy is provided below.

SpellTypeCooldownHow to UnlockDescriptionTalent Upgrades
ConfringoDMG, Fire10 SecondsMain Quest – In the Shadow of the UndercroftLong-range fireball. Sets enemy on fire.Impacts create bolts of fire that seek out enemies.
IncendioDMG, Fire8 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1Short-range flamethrower.Turns Incendio into a circle AOE around player.
ExpelliarmusDMG10 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2Long-range attack. Disarms most enemies and damages them.Expelliarmus curses enemies.
DiffindoDMG15 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2Longe-range attack. Deals considerable damage.Slices through target to hit enemies behind them.
BombardaDMGDeals heavy damage and hits surrounding enemies.Creates massive AOE around target.
AccioForce8 secondsMain Quest – Charms ClassYanks most enemies to you, and pulls them airborne. Used in exploration to grab collectibles.Also pulls enemies around target to you.
DescendoForce10 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Professor Onai’s AssignmentSlams enemies into the ground. Does more damage if they’re airborne.Creates shockwave around target’s impact point.
DepulsoForce10 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1Throws enemies and objects. Does no damage on it’s own, but enemies and objects can be thrown into surfaces or other enemies.Releases additional blast in AOE around player.
FlipendoForce5 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2Flips enemies and objects. Your fastest cooldown spell to get the enemy airborne.Flipendo curses enemies.
LeviosoControl8 secondsMain Quest – Defence Against the Dark Arts ClassLifts enemies and objects into the air.Also lifts enemies around target into air.
GlaciusControl10 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1Freezes enemies, increases damage of subsequent attacks.Creates damaging ice shards when striking frozen enemy.
Arresto MomentumControl15 secondsAssignment Side Quest – Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2Slows objects and enemies. Sends enemies airborne.Curses enemies.
TransformationControlTransforms objects and enemies into alternate forms.Transform enemies into explosive objects.
Avada KedavraCurse90 secondsKills enemies instantly.Kills all cursed enemies.
ImperioCurse30 secondsCharms and curses enemies.Charmed enemies spread Curse through their attacks.
CrucioCurse20 secondsInflicts damage over time and curses enemies.Striking cursed enemy creates cursing projectile.
LumosUtility, Non-combatInstantMain Quest – The Path to HogwartsFlashlight.
DisillusionmentUtility, StealthInstantMain Quest – Secrets of the Restricted SectionMakes you mostly invisible, enters stealth mode.Can sprint while stealthed.
Beast Petting BrushUtility, Non-combatN/AMain Quest – Beasts ClassFor taking care of beasts.
Beast FeedUtility, Non-combatN/AMain Quest – Beasts ClassFor taking care of beasts.
Nab-SackUtility, Non-combatN/AMain Quest – The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the LoomCaptures beasts.
Wingardium LeviosaUtility, Non-combatInstantAssignment Side Quest – Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1A spell that lifts small objects or animals in the air. While this spell does not work on humans, it can make them levitate a few feets up in the air if the spell is cast upon a target’s clothes.
ReparoUtility, Non-combatInstantAssignment Side Quest – Professor Ronen’s AssignmentRebuild damaged objects. Can rebuild throwables after throwing them.
Petrificus TotalusEssential, StealthN/AThis spell petrifies the target’s body during stealth. Instantly incapacitates most enemies, but stronger ones can break out after a time.Becomes an AOE around target.
Protego & StupefyEssentialInstantMain Quest – The Path to HogwartsPress the Counter button once to block an incoming attack (Protego), hold it to activate a stunning spell (Stupefy).Various buffs including increased meter gain, the ability to curse enemies, and perfect counters can break enemy shields.
RevelioEssential, Non-combatInstantMain Quest – The Path to HogwartsPress left on the d-pad to reveal interactibles.Increases range.
Ancient Magic ThrowEssentialInstantMain Quest – Welcome to HogsmeadeThrows objects mid-combat. Does high damage and can break shield charms, no matter the color.Can catch and throw disarmed enemy weapons.
Ancient MagicEssentialWhen Meter FillsMain Quest – Welcome to HogsmeadeUses a stock of meter for a highly damaging attack. Breaks shield charms and often incapacitates instantly.
AlohomoraEssential, Non-combatN/AMain Quest – The Caretaker’s Lunar LamentUnlocks doors. There are various levels you have to unlock by collecting Demiguise Moons.
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