Hogwarts Legacy – Merlins Trials Guide

Merlins trials and maybe other trials / collectibles.

Merlins Trials Info

To start a trial first you need Mallowsweet leaves and done the quest that explanes how to start Merlins trials and this is what you have to find to be able to start a challange

Use Revelio to easier see what you are looking for but some times the can be a further away than you think (doesnt work on the (light particles / firefly) but they glow some themself).

Merlins Trials the Challanges

Thease are the challanges you can face in Merlins Trials.

Here you need to find the small balls and move them to the holder. Easiest with Accio or Wingardium Leviosa.

Here you need to find the big ball and move it to the holder. Easiest with Depulso or Accio (also works if you use 4 Basic cast fast).

Here you need to find the light particles / firefly (or what to call them) and move them with Lumos to the crystals.

Here you just need to jump from one pillar/platform to another if you fall you just start over on some of those you can cheese it by using your Broom but doesnt work on all.

Here you need to use Reparo to repair the broken statues.

Here you need to use Flipendo to flip the top block to match the pillar.

Here you need to destroy the block with Confringo.

Here you need to light the braziers with Confringo this is have to be done in a few seconds from you light the first one other wise you just have to try again.

Here you just have to destroy the targets anyway you see fit (probably Basic cast).

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