Hogwarts Legacy – Tested Working Stutter Fixes

Stuttering fix guide tested under msi afterburner for 2 hours of normal play and running around in front of honeydukes in hogsmeade.

Introduction and Testing Methodology

This mod alleviate 99% of stutters for my system (i5 10600kf, rtx3070, 32gb, nvme 2000 r/w). It is TRADEOFF of slower texture loading for less stuttering. You WILL notice texture loading with this fix but the game no longer stutters.

It is tested in front of honeydukes in hogsmeade with msi afterburner. The frametime remains a straight line during camera pan and running around while panning in front of the shop. It is also tested for 2hrs of normal play. The infamous drop to 20fps didn’t happened during this 2hrs.

Step 1: Manually Set Pagefile to Your Fastest SSD

Manually set windows pagefile to the fastest ssd on your system. You need to set a manual number. I set mine to 20g because I got the space but you can try 10g or smaller numbers.

To find out which of your ssd is the fastest, run cmd.exe and type winsat disk -drive (drive letter), do this for each drive.

To set pagefile, on search bar type “adjust the appearance and performance” run the app, go to “advanced” > “change” and set the pagefile on your fastest ssd ONLY, use the “custom size” option. If you want to set 10g, type 10000 on both spaces. “OK” and restart pc.

Step 2: Engine.ini Edit

Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open Engine.ini and paste the blow edits at the bottom then save.



This edit is a slightly modified version of FF7 remake fix from NexusMods.

Yes, UE4 games been stuttering since pong. It’s so bad that fixes from previous games still works for this one and the fundamental problem of the engine still hasn’t been fixed.

Step 3: In Game Options

You can play around with upscale options but I personally use FSR2. If you use DLSS and the game start dipping to 20fps after a few minutes of play, just follow my setting exactly and test again.

The most important setting here is: effect quality and Texture quality.

Texture quality has to be set to HIGH and above, if you set it to “low” the game WILL stutter. This is because the game doesn’t actually use lower quality textures to lower resource hog, what this setting does is limit the game from how much resource it can access.

When set to “low” and you’re in a heavy scene in the game, it will unload assets not directly in front of you. What this does is when you pan the camera it will stutter because it constant loading and unloading assets.

Effects quality when set to high will cause fps to dip to 20s after a few minutes of play. I don’t know why but I suspect it has a memory leak.

I recommend you follow my settings exactly. Test it first, then tweak each setting at a time leaving texture quality alone if it’s playing without problems.


If you followed every step in the guide exactly and still experiencing stutter, try turning off Control Flow Guard in windows for this game, you can google it, every guide out there is about this and will not be covered here. I already had it off when my game was stuttering so it didn’t helped me but I don’t know how the game performs WITH it enabled so perhaps it does has a effect.

Also, to further stabilize frametime, try locking FPS with msi afterburner to 60 or 72. You can also use the in game fps lock but it’s less reliable than afterburner.

Also, if you had other ini edits, remove them first before doing this. Try to follow the steps exactly and test it first before start tweaking things.

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