Hogwarts Legacy – Voice Activated Spells Using VoiceAttack

Ever wanted to actually say the spells you cast in the game out loud? WIth VoiceAttack, you can! I added a google drive link to the guide so you can just import it and edit it yourself.

Basics of Using VoiceAttack

You can buy VoiceAttack in the steam store by following this link.

Set up your audio device, the other settings can be left on the default settings.

Below is a screenshot of my audio settings.

Next, click the icon to the right of the edit button and click ‘create new profile.

From the new profile, you can click ‘new command’, this will open the command editor.

Change the ‘When I say’ text field to what you want the voice command to be.

Then you can add the action, for the purposes of hogwarts legacy, you should only need the ‘key press’ action.

In the profile I linked down below, you can see that I always do a function key keypress, followed by the keypress that activates the actual spell. This way you can have 4 hotbars of spells, each activated by their voice command. Otherwise you would have to edit the command every time you change the spells in your hot bar.

Be sure to play around with the settings. Below is a screenshot of my spell setup, so this is what the profile is built for, you’re going to have to change it to suit your spell setup.

Here is the link to the Google Drive with the profile you can download and import into VoiceAttack.

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