Hogwarts Legacy – Wand Customization Guide

This guide will analyze all of the different options that are available when customizing your wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

Customizing Your Wand

Note: Credit goes to Psycho

During one of the first quests in the game, when you go to Hogsmeade, you enter a wand shop and get to design your very own personal wand. There are a lot of customization options, as I’ll describe further in this guide, but just remember…​

This wand you customize is the wand you’ll be stuck with for the rest of the game!

​After you’ve customized your new wand, you can never at any point go back and alter its features. So be sure to make your wand exactly how you want it, as you won’t be able to change any parts of it later in the game.

Wand Style

(Click on any of the images in this guide to enlarge them.)

​The first changes you can make to your wand are the shape and color of it.

The shape and color of the wand do not affect gameplay at all, and are purely cosmetic choices. So just go with whichever options you think look the best.

Wood Type, Length, Flexibility

Now you are faced with 36 wood types to choose from, lengths varying from 9 ½ – 14 ½ inches, and 19 different flexibility options…

​The wood type does not affect gameplay at all, nor does it affect the appearance of your wand at all… it is simply flavor text. (In games, sometimes items, actions or mechanics will have flavor text, which are just extra snippets of text that aren’t related to actual gameplay.) So the wood type basically just adds a bit of lore to your wand.​

(Also “Yew” is the type of wood that Voldemort’s wand was made out of in the Harry Potter movies. So you could consider that option if you’re playing as a Slytherin character.)​

The wand length is purely cosmetic, and does not affect actual gameplay at all. Simply set your wand to whichever length appeals to you the most. (I personally went with 12 ½ inches for my wand. 12 is the median length, so I just went half an inch longer than the median.)​

Lastly, the flexibility options… all of these are also flavor text and do not affect gameplay nor the appearance of your wand at all. (I personally prefer the 19th flexibility option, though, which is “Unyielding”. It just sounds like the strongest one out of all the available choices.)

Wand Core

Last but not least is the wand core…​

​There are 3 available options with varying descriptions, but it’s less of a tough choice than you may think… all of the wand core options and their descriptions are flavor text. So once again, whichever wand core you choose will not affect gameplay and will not affect the appearance of your wand at all. It just adds some more lore to your wand.​

(I personally went with the “Phoenix Feather” core for my wand, as I thought it fit well with my character who is in Ravenclaw. A phoenix is a bird, as is a raven, so that is what I chose.)

Wand Handles

Throughout the game you will discover wand handles. There are 42 wand handles that you can accumulate and collect.​

​As stated before in the guide, you can’t alter your wand and its shape/color/length/etc. at all… but you can change the appearance of your wand by equipping it with a handle.

Closing Note + My Wand

Thanks for checking out my guide! I hope you found it helpful. ​

Below is an image of my wand, along with the reasoning behind each choice…​

​Wood Type: Ebony

(The color of my wand is black, ebony is a black colored wood.)​

Core Type: Phoenix Feather

(My character is in Ravenclaw, ravens and phoenixes are both birds.)​

Flexibility: Unyielding

(Sounds like a very strong wand.)​

Wand Length: Twelve and a half inches

(Just half an inch longer than the median length.)

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