Hoiwa Hub – Simple Walkthrough

Day #1

  1. Pickup trash in room
  2. Drop it to bin outside the toilet
  3. Take the elevator & leave (from starting point)

Day #2

  1. Pickup phone on arcade
  2. Go to elevator area for the pizza
  3. Back to your room and eat
  4. Toilet
  5. Make a jump and press interact
  6. Pickup key
  7. Leave (Avoid contact from others)

Day #3

  1. Lighter on desk
  2. Crowbar next to bin
  3. Use them on the door
  4. Use the fire extinguisher nearby
  5. Click all silver ornaments
  6. Get flashlight and proceed
  7. Arrived. Move table, get the knife, lights off
  8. Lighter on desk again, burn.
  9. Leave

Day #4

  1. To room. Turn off lights, screens down, projector on
  2. Have a seat
  3. Go out to have a look and back in room
  4. Lights off to see those important items
  5. Get all mannequins
  6. Toggle light switch > Balloon > door in shower area
  7. Put items on coffin
  8. FBF
  9. Leave

Day #5

  • Ending!
Created by BeanKing

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