Hollow Knight – Best Locations To Farm Geo

Hollow Knight players looking to get rich should visit the following locations in the Metroidvania to farm Geo. Geo’s, the in-game currency that allows players to purchase items that will help them complete their journey through the Hallownest. And since Geo are critical for a player to advance, knowing where to farm them is crucial. Fortunately, Hollow Knight has plenty of farming locations that will help players get everything they need in no time.

Farming Geo Locations Guide

Participate in The Colosseum of Fools Event

Even though The Colosseum of Fools isn’t a walk in the park, it’s still considered one of the best areas to farm Geo. And that’s because players can infinitely complete trials and earn thousands of Geo in a relatively short period of time. But, in order to complete trials efficiently, players will need some skill and patience since the mini-bosses featured in the Colosseum of Fools are quite challenging.

Moreover, players will need to place a wager before entering the match, and if they lose that match, they’ll lose the Geo. There are three different trials in the Colosseum of Fools: Trial of the Warrior, Trial of the Conqueror, and Trial of the Fool.

Trial of the Warrior

The first trial is the easiest of the three trials and requires only 100 Geo to enter. Once players complete Trial of the Warrior for the first time, they’ll receive a Charm Notch, which is essential for players to advance in Hollow Knight. Players can continue to farm this trial infinitely, earning 1000 – 1024 Geo per run.

Trial of the Conqueror

As players can expect, Trial of the Conqueror is slightly more challenging than the previous one, but the rewards are better. Like Trial of the Warrior, players will receive a Pale Ore for completing it for the first time. Afterward, players can complete Trial of the Conqueror as many times as they want and receive 2000 – 2200 Geo per run.

Trial of the Fool

The final trial combines previous trials and adds a few extra surprises. This trial is the best one to farm Geo but also the most difficult one since players will need to survive 17 waves of enemies. Players will need to pay 800 Geo to enter and will obtain 3000 – 3020 Geo per completion.

King’s Station Geo Farming Strategy

Players that want to farm Geo safely will most likely want to try out the King’s Station Geo farming location since the enemies there are easy to defeat and drop a considerable amount of Geo. Players will need to farm the creatures found in the room to the left of the King’s Station entrance and, once completed, return to the bench to reset the enemies.

Players can focus mainly on the smaller enemies but can test their luck and defeat the Great Husk Sentry located in this area. Experienced players can clear this area within 10 minutes, earning over 2,000 Geo. But, players can increase the amount of Geo they obtain by using the Fragile Greed Charm since it increases the quantity of Geo enemies drops by 20%.

Forgotten Crossroads Geo Farming Strategy

One of the best early Geo farming locations in Hollow Knight is the one found at Forgotten Crossroads. Players will need to go to the Stag Station, where they’ll find a Husk Guard that drops 45 Geo. Players simply need to defeat the Husk Guard and reset the level by sitting at the nearby bench, netting them around 1000 Geo per 10 minutes.

But, players can take it a step further and use the Dashmaster Charm since it increases movement speed, cutting the travel time in half.

Failed Tramway Geo Farming Strategy

Players that don’t mind risking some Souls to obtain Geo will be able to get at least 3000 Geo every couple of minutes by farming Carver Hatchers, more specifically their offspring, Dirtcarvers in the Deepnest area. The main farming strategy for this location is letting the Carver Hatchers spawn Dirtcarvers, and once players need to reset, defeat the Hatchers and rest at the nearby bench.

Each Dirtcarver drops about 6 Geo, and Carver Hatchers have an infinite number of Dirtcarvers to spawn which means players can farm them endlessly. But, of course, players should avoid getting too greedy since there will be a point where there are too many Dirtcarvers which means death is unavoidable. While farming these creatures is tedious, players can make it easier by enjoying the fantastic Hollow Knight soundtrack.

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