Hollow Knight – Delicate Flower Quest Guide

Finishing any quest in Hollow Knight can be incredibly tricky, and the ‘Delicate Flower’ is one of the toughest. Even when following this guide, successfully completing this task will require some planning, patience, and luck.

How to Complete Delicate Flower Quest

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Delicate Flower Quest Guide

The ‘Delicate Flowers’ task can be found in Resting Land . To reach The Gray Mourner, which the quest gives, the player must first break through the coffin at the bottom of the main chamber in the Land of Rest . To do this, use the Descending Darkness spell.

Jump into the open pit to reveal an underground area. Follow the path on the map to reach the Gray Mourner’s hut.

Preparing for the Mission

Using the Dream Portal

Before embarking on the quest, the first step the player must take is to place the Gate of Dreams outside the Gray Mourner’s house. This will allow the knight to immediately return if the flower is destroyed.

To acquire the Portal of Dreams, just visit the Seer once you have 900 essences. Using the portal costs 1 essence and does not reset enemies.

Choosing the Best Amulets

While there is no ‘best’ set of amulets for this or any other quest, there are some general guidelines that can increase the Knight’s chances of success. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Damage: The Knight will benefit immensely from being able to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible. Fully upgrading your weapon and using Fragile Force will make clearing areas much faster. Glory of the Stingmaster is a great way to make high-damage Stinger Arts a more viable choice.
  • Keep Your Distance: Any amulet that can enhance the Knight’s ranged abilities should be considered. Larffly Elegy adds a ranged attack to each Stinger move and is highly recommended here. Shaman’s Stone increases spell power while Spellbender reduces soul cost.
  • Know Your Location: While it may seem obvious, be sure to use the Capricious Compass to track the Knight’s progress.

This quest is a case where there’s no reason not to use too many amulets. Taking any damage will end the race anyway, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the mechanic.

Clear the way

While it’s not necessary to complete this quest successfully, making a roll in the Knight’s chosen route can have a number of benefits. Doing so can help you understand if you have the necessary skills to complete the route safely.

Doing so allows the Knight to practice any of the trickier platforming sections. And most importantly, it allows the Knight to eliminate as many enemies as possible. While this does not prevent all enemies from respawning, many of them will only respawn if the Knight rests on a bench.

Considerations for the mission

To have the best chance of completion, it’s best to have as many abilities unlocked as possible. Exploring the various routes will reveal which abilities work best with that path. Tear of Isma will likely be needed to complete any possible route.

Once Forgotten Crossroads is infected, enemies become much more dangerous. Attempting the quest before that happens is possible, but it can make the Knight not as formidable at such an early stage in the game.

There are three actions that cause the quest to fail:

  • Take damage.
  • Use fast travel.
  • Use the Portal of Dreams with the flower in your inventory.

Best Way to Complete the Mission

The best route seen above is not the only way to get there, but it is absolutely the fastest. It is recommended, no matter which route is chosen, that the Knight walk through and eliminate enemies before accepting the flower. Since this will be done anyway, there’s no reason not to take the quicker route.

Tips for the Platform Challenge

When the Knight reaches the final hallway, they will notice that he is covered in spikes. This can be a tough section if left unpracticed, which is all the more reason to test out on the course.

Part 1: Don’t Jump! Just run in a straight line. Make sure the Horse is as close to the edge as possible before running, or they may not make it through the gap.

Part 2: Jump up and to the left, then dash when the Knight’s cape is at the level of the tall grass on the landing pad. This can be trickier than it sounds and is worth practising.

Part 3: Again, don’t skip. Simply drop off the ledge and, when you’re low enough, dash to safety. Watch the Knight’s head to judge when to dash, making sure it’s clear of spikes.

Mission rewards

Once the final platform section is complete, the Knight will arrive at the drop location. The story alone makes the quest worth completing, but the Knight will also be rewarded with a mask shard upon returning the Gray Mourner. Players will also receive an Achievement/Trophy for finishing the quest.

Though not mentioned in this quest, once the Knight has planted the flower on the tomb, several more will grow alongside it. These can be harvested and offered to others in the Deep Nest.

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