Holodance – Using the Music Library

This guide is a little intro to our Music Library, how to use filters, favorites, how to set things up. It also uses a feature that you can use for giving VR demos to friends that are not familiar with VR: You can pull the in-game (in-VR) UI to the flatscreen (monitor). That you, you can control the experience using mouse and keyboard, while your friend can focus on playing the game.

The Basics

The Music Library

The music library is how you access your local music. It offers Quick Access, for favorites, quickly picking a random song, your recently played songs, as well as collections (osu! collections and BeastSaber-playlists). You can also do full text search, simply entering a string and getting all songs, artists and genres matching that string, and filters that you can finetune according to your needs (in particular the duration and difficulty filters are super-useful).

Pull UI to Flatscreen

Most people playing Holodance do so exclusively in VR. That’s what everything was designed for. However, sometimes, it can be useful to control the UI from monitor, mouse and keyboard. That’s what this feature has been designed for. It’s the top-right button on the game window (Pull UI to Flatscreen), and once you have clicked that, it pulls the main UI to your monitor.

When you’re done, you can use the button Push UI to VR to make the UI return into VR.

A Video Tour of the UI

Watch it here:

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