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The Boss Fights

I have beat it twice on normal and I am going to try hard next. I found on normal I could beat teams 3-5 levels higher than me with a group similar to what Timmy has defined.

The formation I use is:

  • DPS – Healer – DPS Tank – Tank

My preference for DPS is one of the bomb throwers, either Grenadier or Explosives Expert. They tend to do damage to all enemies with the bombs. The DPS guy is speced more heavily in Strength/Agility (offense) and less in resolve/fitness (defense). Another good DPS is actually the commando because it also can throw bombs at the whole group.

My preference for Healer is either Medic or Witch Doctor. I found the Surgeon did not heal itself, so it would need a second healer and would not last as long as medic or witch doctor. The medic and witch doctor seem to heal enough to keep the team alive if not taking on opponents that are too high level. Spec the healer in intelligence and then defense, with a little offense.

My preference for DPS tank is the tribal warrior or guardian. The tribal warrior has the wolf that is nice single damage and is a bit more offensive than the guardian, but the guardian is a bit more defensive for better defense. Plus guardian if made leader can give the whole team a defensive buff. This position will need to be speced more in defense (resolve/fitness) so it can survive longer. Look for good single target damage in this spot.

My preference for Tank is Heavy Infantry or Riot Police. Both have a self shield. These guys should spec heavily in defense. If using Heavy Infantry you can make it the leader and get a 20% defense bonus for your first position. This position is important to soak up damage because it will get most of the fire and you do not want it to fall because then the rest of the group which is less defensive and more offensive will get eat up.

On my second playthru I made Banan a Medic and Chris a Heavy Infantry, with the Tribal warrior you get you have a nice starting group of

  • Healer (Banan) – DPS Tank (Tribal Warrior) – Tank (Chris).

Do not forget to increase their abilities as you increase in level. The abilities help you do damage to the enemy group or help you heal your group. I raise my healer abilities faster than the rest of the group because healing is important.

A tip is to try to “recruit” enemies in some of these roles because they come with abilities already leveled – and this can save you from spending all your materials/food on leveling their the abilities. By mid game I am trying to run a couple of groups similar to above and rotating them in and out so they do not get tired. Plus recruiting new enemies and dismissing my old characters which will fight in the revolution and give you daily revolution gains.

BTW, I also run my group with my healer on Full Auto and all the Other positions on Capture – so i can easily use the Main “Full Auto” switch to flip to “recruit” mode if I am winning the fight and want to try to recruit one of the enemies.

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