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The game is a roguelike semi-open world RPG, you will do much better after you start a new game with updates stats and resources. The achievment with oil and items (+5 heritage each are the easiest ones to get).

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Note: Credit goes to Neyreyan

The Map Screen

Read the topography, each zone has it’s specifics like mountains having more construction materials or swamps having more oil.

There are also a lot of map modifiers so plan the map

Not all armies are bad, the supply troops actually increase the wealth of an area

Roads have their own modifiers too, the main roads will have a higher chance for encounters

If you complete maps with outposts or villages you can click on them and even upgrade them for more daily resources

Backtracking is pretty good, going back to a lower level area with your main team means a lot of captured soldiers and resources.

Try to complete all maps before moving to the harder ones

Upgrade truck speed and team speed, the faster you explore without the increased danger….the more loot you have.

Base Management

Read everything on everything, you need everything.

Having extra memebrs to send on dispatch missions is a good way to get more resources but remember they also eat supplies

The infirmary is very important, only use crafted medicine, dont use alchol , bandages or herbs….only use their upgraded versions, they sometimes heal 2X more.

If someone is very wounded put him on the treatment list and wait.

Waiting for a few hours will also give an exp and injury resist for your troops

The vending machins is super important, at 200 spent dollars you get acces to the drone.

You can also sell items(as opposed to discarding them), gamble wich can give a lot of resources and perfect guns/trinkets etc but it’s risky:D


Crafting is for late game, don’t use it in the begining

The satelite phone is very important as well, always take their missions and PAY their resources, near the mission there is another button to pay some resources.

The higher the level of the factions the more daily resources you get. you can also recruit good soldiers here.

To unlock factions just don’t miss loot on maps, you get used to it

Truck level 1 is very important since you can put another gun here, try to upgrade the speed of the truck( faster engine, armor that gives speed etc). Buy cheap recipes( for example i had an engine upgrade that costed 600 dollars….very hard to find the money for it but a 200 upgrade was easy to instal)

Team management: well, it’s more about what you want but the general idea is to upgrade 1 stat for each member. The most usefull stats are INT, AGI, Resolve and STR, try to give them perfect guns(maybe upgrade them at the smelter if you have the resources) and armor/trinkets with their main stat

At HQ level 1 you also unlock 1 tactic slot and you can get tactics from areas or factions(increase reputation). you only use it once per battle but at level 3 HQ you have 2 tactics, meaning you can use a very powerfull buff(or 2) for 14 seconds to win the hardest combat on the map, very helpful. Also good to avoid injuries.

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  1. Neyreyan how do you keep food man?
    I went 65d and have like 10 level 17s in my camp,!

    Costs too much supplies to keep their skills up, what are we to do have them use lev 5 skills on level 16 enemies?

  2. Is there a way to have a second team in another part of the map or is it only ever the one active team at any time? There is a lot of travelling and the map is pretty huge.

    The best way I have found so far is to change out one team member and level them up with the rest of the team being strong. Is that the only choice to level up non preferred team members?

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