Honkai: Star Rail – Quick and Compact Guide

Quick and Compact Guide for Honkai: Star Rail

As a beginner you will be busy by wondering what should you do first. From either getting all collectible, chest, or other stuff, so let me simplify all the things you should do first.

Story Quest and Side Quest

Now for starter clearing story quest is definitely what you’re going to do clear as far as you can, while also clearing those side quest that pop out. And when you stuck that is when you jump to the second things to do, leveling the character.

Grinding for Character

At the beginning the only thing you need to grind is the exp and trace material, grind those things and level up your character and lightcone, lightcone is like weapon in this game it is very important because the stat they gives is put into our character base stat, and that base stat is what relic use as the multiplier for all percentage stat relic. So more base stat = more higher multiplier

As for Relic you does not need to grind it when it is available to grind, it is the last priority when grinding, and at least you need to be at trailblazer level 40 for the gold relic drop.

Before that you only need the free relic they gives from chest and mission reward, grinding for relic is very RNG so unless you really need to grind don’t grind too much and just grind enough to help you clear things you need, the best optimal time to non-stop grind relic is at trailblaze level 65 where gold relic drops 2 or more to reduce to cost of grinding it, before that grinding character level, lightcone, and trace for skill is better, relic is the last thing needed to grind.

I GUARANTEE that you could clear all the quest with just the free relic given. just make sure to level them up especially the relic used by your DPS. and if you don’t believe this is my video of clearing Cocolia boss with just free relic given and no gacha at all.

And next, while you are stuck and have empty trailblaze power (stamina) it’s time to go find all achievement and collectible in-game

Finding Collectible

This is the only thing you gonna do when stuck in the story quest or at end game when grinding and finding collectible and achievement is the only thing you could do. As you progress the game you will find many collectible books and files.

Please notes that some collectible is only obtainable after you clear some quest, and some will could respawn in the same spot the next day, like the book and files in the bench administrative district. It is also important to talk to every character because some will gives books, food recipes, music CD, or even and achievement. so if you have times better talk to all character for those things.

As for the Elite Monster that guard chest, it’s fine if you can’t win against them yet, they will always be there for you, so just continue grind and you will easily defeat them later on.


Overall that is all the important things you could do, there is also Simulate World but that is the last thing you gonna grind just for upgrading the ability tree.

So the cycle is Clearing story/side quest, when stuck try to grind to level your character, and while at it try to get those collectible that’s pretty much it. for more in-depth guide I will probably post if I have time

Anyway thanks for reading this guide and I hope you all enjoy and having fun playing the game!

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