Honkai: Star Rail – The Adventurous Moles [Quest] Guide (Hidden Achievements)

The Adventurous Moles [Quest] Guide & Locations of The Pages 3, 21 & 56 (Hidden Achievements)

Table of Contents:

Page 3:


Use the Transport Hub to Teleport. Make a sharp turn to the right and head straight. Before you will be a dead end and enemy so turn left and head straight. You will be in the area of the open-air cafe.

The page to the riddle will be on the table to your right as you enter the area.

Solving the Riddle:

The clue to solving this riddle is to find a chair that is upside down on a table, that will be ‘the location’ that may conceal a person. You going to want to turn the chair back to it’s rightful place to get the reward and complete the riddle.

Page 40:


Use the Transport Hub and Teleport to the indicted area shown in Rivet Town. Head straight and enter through the open door. If you had NOT open it, follow the line in blue, it will lead you a trail to open it.

Solving the Riddle:

On the table as you enter through the door you will find the page to the riddle(as you can see I already collected mine).

So the secret to solving the riddle to is to match the opposite boxes so they are the same. To achieve that we have to take a box from the first shelve, the one in the middle marked in red (I already took mine).

And move it to the second shelve and place it on top where the red circle is. By doing this you will complete the riddle and get the chest.

Page 56:


Teleport to this Transport Hub in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone.

Head straight to the right of the wall to find the riddle to page 56.

To solve the riddle you just have to add the 3rd gun to the gun stands. There will ONLY be 3 scattered weapon(s). The 4th has already been done so you just have to do the last three.

Scattered Weapon 1:

Scattered Weapon 2:

Scattered Weapon 3:


Once you collect the reward head back to Julian, he has the ‘postscript’ which the last needed page for the book to be completed. Once that is done you will obtain the full copy of the novel ‘The Adventurous Moles: Hidden Treasure’.

Now that you have the novel, head to the Administrative District and pass the book onto ‘Nika’ to complete the quest.

By completing the quest you the achievements:

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