Horizon Zero Dawn – FPS Stuttering Fix

In this guide I will show you how to fix stuttering and FPS drops by disabling some of windows 10 services which are known to cause stuttering in this game.

Disable GameDVR / Sys

MainTalking from personal experience certain services on windows 10 cause stuttering in games. These are the services I recommend you disable which has completely eliminated my stuttering in games.

Disabling GameDVR gave me the biggest improvement in games and got rid of most my stuttering. This video will show you how to disable GameDVR by editing 2 registry files.

Disable SysMain

You should also disable SysMain service which is also known to cause stuttering in games. Just type in services then find sysMain then stop the service right click then disable it.

Disable Ansel

The last service that you should disable is Ansel which is also causing stuttering. Scroll down to Ansel and download NvCameraConfiguration.

Created by Philosopher

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