HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED – Newbie Tip: Gears Farm Isn’t Necessary

This guide is about why gears farm isn’t necessary.

Gears Farm Isn’t Necessary

Getting 25k gears might seem an exhausting grind. But it’s not.

Firstly, you don’t need to have such amount at once – feel free to spend it.

Secondly, and this is the trick, dismantle your high rarity cars – the gears count goes up with them. Basically, you recycle gears.


You get 10k by mid game anyways. Then at the end, once all races are done, dismantled all legendary cars – and get 200 gears back from each them (that’s easily few thousands extra). Spend these and remaining gears upgrade all rare cars & dismantled them too – another few thousands!

Out of legendaries and rares? Upgrade common, and then “became” rare cars and then dismantle them too – another several thousands.

Your gears amount melts slowly, but you get certain amount back. The amount, which otherwise would have made you grind for the lacking gears.

Hope this clear and helps.

Created by Lord Of War

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