House Flipper – How to Maximize Architect Perks Fast and for Free

A method for getting all the architect perks in farm flipper.

Guide to Maximize Architect Perks Fast and for Free


A simple method to maximise all architect perks early in the game

Take the ‘Don’t spare the horses’ job (second job you can take I think) and cut down the 3 trees, erect the building required and then demolish it, you will get back 100% of the cost + a perk point for building it. Erect and demolish the building as many times as you want until you have all the perk points you need then finish the job as normal.

Another tip when completing this job is to cover the new building with the brick cladding BEFORE adding the 2 external doors as the top of the doors obstruct easy placement of the tiles, when entering the building close the door behind you as an open door obstructs placement of the window next to it.

Hope this helps you all become expert architects.

Created by Moving Target

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