Human: Fall Flat – Lucky Carp and Laojun’s Furnace Achievement

Walktrough for the Achievements Lucky Carp and Laojun’s Furnace. To achieve either achievement, you need to unite All 12 Zodiac Heads.

Lucky Carp Achievement

First Step

Once you’ve put all of the Zodiac heads on their pedestals, the first floor of the temple, which you can find in the center, should appear out of the ground:

Take the torch that you can find right outside the entrance.

Then enter the building and light the candles in the back right and back left corners:

Once done, a lamppost should merge from the floor in the center of the room:

Press the button.

Fireworks should start outside and a glowing ball should fall from the ceiling.

Second Step

Take the ball outside, turn right and find the pedestal outside the carp/dragon ride:

Put the ball on it.

Final Step

Now press the button to start the carp/dragon ride (the machine should have turned white if you’ve done everything right) and have a seat before it leaves the station.

Achievement Unlocked

Once you enter the flying island station you should unlock the Lucky Carp achievement.

Laojun’s Furnace Achievement

Once you get to the flying island via the carp / kite ride and the lucky carp achievement, exit the station and enter the forge.

The room is divided into two areas: on the right side are the materials and on the left side Laojun’s Furnace.

Throw the materials into the furnace one at a time and have them converted into the corresponding objects.

The furnace will give out three different gilded objects and the achievement should be unlocked.

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