Human: Fall Flat – Zodiac Heads Locations

In this guide, I’m going to show you where to find all 12 Zodiac heads in the Lunar New Year lobby necessary to get the Zodiac achievement.

The First Heads

You can find 8 heads that are around their sockets or are already correctly placed. The rest just have to be picked up and placed on their correct pedestal.

Monkey Head

As soon as you turn away from the pedestals, you will find the monkey head on the mountain right behind your starting location.

Dragons Head

Once you got back to your starting location, you can turn right and find the dragon head in front of the carp/dragon-ride station.

Cows Head

While the dragon head was left of your starting point, the cow head is on the right in front of the fireworks.

Rabbits Head

Last but not least, the rabbit head is at the back of the lobby. The rabbit’s head is hidden deep under (actually directly below) the surface of a pool of water.


If you bring all of the heads to their pedestals the achievement should unlock.

Created by Sam

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