HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed – Beginners Guide

This is just a guide for those stepping into the game or who may be confused about some aspects.

What is this Game?

It is a fist person shooter with a few elements within.

There will be a lot of platform jumping, Strategic thinking, and cool action figure……action. In this game you will take control of an increasingly customizable action figure. You will have to jump, shoot, and plan your way to victory. 

Menu and Options

Pick a level and a difficulty to play it on then jump right in. There is a function that you may add a friend to fight along side you, but there is no option for there to be a bot helping you out. The difficulties are easy, medium, and hard. There is a fourth but I have not unlocked it as of the time of writing this guide. You may also customize your character from the main screen or the in game prep menu. This is also where you will be able to edit which structures you may build to help you with the level. Be careful because different build able structures cost differing amounts of in game money. There is an option for split screen, single play, and online. Depending on your preference. 

You may also change your keyboard or game pad bindings from the options menu. I prefer to keep them as default. The jumping button was awkward at first, but I quickly adapted to it.

Towers and Money

When entering into the game you are allowed a time to look for loot or plant your building structures.I prefer to use this time to look for all of the coins laying around. You will need the money to build defenses and purchase weapon upgrades. The amount of time you get varies depending on the difficulty you chose. Easy gets 5min while med and hard get 3. You may pull out your gun to start a 10sec timer that begins the wave at any time. You will also be able to get some money from enemies when they die.

Look to the top right area of your hud you will see the wave number you are on out of the total that are on that level. In between every wave some items and money bags are dropped around the level. You gain the same amount of time as you had when entering the level to go look for them. You may pull out your gun at any time to continue to the next wave. Remember to check your buildable areas to see if structures need health or to be replaced. The amount of money you have is located on the bottom right of the hud. 

There are a few main structures that you must defend to pass the level. They are all different colors and are obvious when you look around the map. The health of each structure is in the top left area of you hud, so if you only know where two of them are but see that the hud has three, you may want to look around. If you defend all of them you get the maximum amount of rewards and the highest ranked medal. There are other levels that are locked depending on how many top tear medals you have, but some just need a few lower ranked medals to be able to be played. Even if only one structure lasts you are able to pass the level. 

The main towers need a battery to power any kind of built tower that shoots, moves, or kills using moving parts. These batteries are scattered around the level. They glow with a gold light. 


I have found a slot machine in some levels while playing single player that can be used for 30 coins. The results I’ve gotten are that if you get all candy you get a gun part. some combos give out bombs, and others give you a small coin payouts. There is a small picture on the machine that has the pay outs on it. One is on the fist level behind a big yellow sign in the middle of the room.

What if I Die?

It doesn’t matter. There is only a few second timer, and you don’t loose money. You may die in piece.

Can i Switch My Gun?

Yes and no. The game gives you a dealt gun that changes depending on the level, but you may find gun modifications around the map that can give your gun an alternate firing mode. Things like a shot gun, lazer, heavy machine gun, and even a flame thrower attachment. There are also other attachments that hep with accuracy or do things like give you a flash light.

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