Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation – Windows Batch Script to Let You Skip Waiting for Stella’s Dungeon

Simple windows batch script that I made which you can execute anytime (without advancing your system clock) to immediately skip Stella’s Dungeon wait times.

The Script

@echo off
SET /A curDate = %DATE:~4,2%
SET /A curMonth = %DATE:~7,2%
SET /A curYear = %DATE:~10,4%

SET /A d = %curDate% - 1

date %d%/%curMonth%/%curYear%

ping -n 1 -w 500> nul

date %curDate%/%curMonth%/%curYear%

This script will turn your system time back by one day, and then immediately return it to the present, saving you from ever needing to manually set the clock back. This works because the game doesn’t care if you turned back your system time to even before you sent Stella off to the dungeons – it just puts Stella back at the beginning of the dungeon and begin counting down from the past (essentially).

The “ping” command is only there because it’s the only way to insert a 500ms delay (the lowest it can go) between turning back time and returning it, which ensures that the game sees the time change and acts accordingly.

The “date” command requires admin privileges, so you’ll want to make a shortcut to the actual “.bat” file you’ll be putting the above code in, and then do this:

After that, just send Stella off to a dungeon, then execute the script via the shortcut. Stella should immediately complete her journey.

Created by Excal

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