I Was a Teenage Exocolonist – The Other Four Endings

A short guide to get All for Naught, Green Vertumna Forever, Joined the Gardeners, Ran Away

Green Vertumna Forever


  • Befriend Tang
  • Find out about the plague
  • Do NOT do anything about it

Just play the game normally and don’t tell anyone. Then you will get this at the end.

All for Naught

Requirements is similar to Disconnect the Array:

  • Unlock Hunting in the Swamp
  • Either Save Professor Hal or have 30 Engineering
  • Clear the <!> event of Survey the Ridge or Get Sym to Bring you to the Overseer
  • Clear the <!> event in the Swamp. The first will be a unisaur but the second will be the Underground Facility
  • Work with Rhett

Once this is completed and you have the bomb, you can hunt for Noctilucent for the key. However, stop before the 3rd battle. Then play the game normally until you reach the end.

Joined the Gardeners


  • Find out about Sym
  • Befriend Dys
  • Let him run away [Bombing]

Find Dys and Sym at the Ridge but this time, tell them you want to join the Gardeners too. Then, collect the materials and you can transform.

Ran Away


  • Befriend Dys

When he is setting the bomb, help him!

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  1. I’m having trouble with the All for Naught ending. By 3rd battle, did you mean the facility itself or the fight before that?

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